Facilities List



Qty.                Description                   Capacity (inches)

  2              Hanwha SL12H                                5/8

  1              Hanwha XD12H                               1/2

  2              Hanwha XD20H                               1/2

  1              Hanwha XD32H                             1 1/4


4   Diamond Carbide Tool Grinders

1   Bridgeport Milling Machine

1   Brown & Sharpe Hand Surface Grinder

1   Thompson Automatic Surface Grinder

       8" x 20" incremental down feed

1   14" Clausing Lathe

1   10" South Bend Lathe

1   Schaublin 102N Bench Lathes

1   Henri Hauser S.A. burnishing machine

Assorted secondary milling, drilling, and

tapping machines.


2  Jones & Lamson Comparators--14" with

     digital readout  

1  Federal Mahr Pocket Surf profilometer

    Surface plates

    Microscopes 8x to 50x

Assorted master micrometers, indicators, pin gauges, Johnson thread gages, and special gauging when necessary.

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